Company Profile — Mecca Arts is a story-driven digital marketing agency spanning all media. Every business, every brand, has a unique story. Our passion lies in helping you tell yours. It's the little things, the details, that create compelling experiences for your audience... and that's where we come in.

Mecca Arts harnesses the power of a collaborative, hand-picked team of independent creatives. Using an arsenal of creative tools — from traditional artwork to the latest in 3-D animation and web design — we produce relevant content and design projects with more substance and style than any other agency, like for real, in the whole universe.

Some clients include: Norfolk Southern,  U.S. Army and Navy, Lockheed Martin, Goldkey/PHR, Northstar Aviation, the Governor's School for the Arts, Wounded Wear, Linxx Global, Virginia Wesleyan College and Seventh Point. Mecca Arts brings a unique approach to every project and continues to gain clients and audiences throughout Virginia and the world.

Mecca Arts is led by Chris Gallagher.  Having prestigious admittance to several advanced art schools from an early age, Chris at his core is an artist.  Connecting traditional art with the digital world, Chris discovered organically that you can bring any idea into reality with today's technology, thus initiating better story-telling.  At Mecca Arts "Think it, make it" is not just a corporate slogan, but the force that drives what Chris does.  It all begins with a story.